Montgomery County

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Banff Springs Ct., 4305-Ronald K. and Angela Van Helden to David L. and Heather I. Carroll Fisher, $695,000.

Drake Dr., 13704-Thomas Papoian to Benjamin F. Gruenspecht and Terri L. Bullock, $484,500.

Fox Valley Dr., 4008-Gennady and Victoria Vinokur to Joshua and Tatiana Barr, $899,000.

Hillcroft Dr., 16402-Jaye F. and Maureen C. Wheeler to Matthew C. and Tracy B. Merrell, $845,000.

Landgreen St., 4106-Maria F. and Antonio M. Luis to Georges Patrick Noel, $425,000.

Merton Ct., 14306-Gloree Gault and David Pincock to Brian C. Levin, $395,000.

Parkvale Rd., 14507-Andrew A. Herzing and Elizabeth A. Laputka to Patrick T. Rourke and Abigail N. Brunt, $410,000.


Beallsville Rd., 21800-James R. Carlin Jr. to William N. Price and Cherry Ann Barr, $410,000.


Battery Lane, 4977, No. 1-104-Arlene Kuperstein to Lorraine Ann Raphael, $234,000.

Broad St., 6549-Leslie L. Kellcher to Hans Jorg Paris and Manjula K. Nettkumara, $1.49 million.

Burdette Rd., 8300, No. 404-FH Bethesda SL RCU Corp. to Constance Milner, $747,230.

Crescent St., 4920-Michael Levitsky and Natalya Chartorizhskaya to Sara Magdalena Gustafsson and Alexander Matos, $1.09 million.

Edgemoor Lane, 5123-Elizabeth A. Richmond McGlynn to Helen Stefan Moreau, $3 million.

Fairmont Ave., 4801, No. 704-Lauren and Carl E. Tugberk to Valinda Rutledge, $400,000.

Holmhurst Rd., 9803-Matthew Herrick and Cassie J. Moore to Alexandra Mixon and Michael C. Gales, $705,000.

Irvington Ave., 8623-John Page Nicholson and Amy Wagner Stull to Nina Kostyukovsky and Justin R. Blaufeld, $1.1 million.

Longwood Dr., 7023-John R. and Carol W. Wilner to Anil and Karishma Hinduja, $875,000.

Mayfield Dr., 9906-Patrick F. and Virginie L. Dunnigan to Mizuki and Nao Yamanaka, $875,000.

Montrose Ave., 10527, No. M-Traci A. Lanman Bruno to Davina C. Ramos, $275,000.

Orchid Dr., 6407-Donald Scott Allen to Nicholas St. John Brown, $825,000.

Rannoch Rd., 6610-Louise A. Brinton to Daniel L. and Jennifer Ross Alman, $1 million.

Sentinel Dr., 4936, No. 5-405-Margaret Smith and George Joseph Sears to Mary Ann Tierney and John L. Tierney, $537,500.

Spruce Tree Cir., 9408-Thomas J. and Melania L. Stamos to Ivy G. Figueroa and Andrew Taylor Kallmes, $1.2 million.

Wapakoneta Rd., 5319-Jeffrey H. Blattner to Amy Kaufman and Michael K. Brendler, $1.27 million.

Westlake Terr., 7420, No. 808-Eugene K. Sussman and estate of Jeanne G. Greenburg to Ram and Mora Vig, $266,500.

Winsome Cir., 166-5400 Grosvenor Corp. to Guido Cilento, $1.22 million.


Bubbling Spring Rd., 14305-Jihong Chen and Yiming Liu to Shaowei and Hongzhen Li, $700,000.

Ethel Rose Way, 12926-John Han and Mimi Kim to Anna Muyofu Banda, $375,000.


Arbor Wood Ct., 4314-Bentley Park Corp. to Quentin Wilson and Davia Moxey, $645,225.

Isleswood Terr., 4331-Marco A. and Kimberly L. Rosas to Wondmagegn K. Matias and Mekedes A. Hunde, $245,000.

Sugar Pine Ct., 4207-Amit Thanki and Pratima Modha to Temesgen Ayele and Konjit D. Molla, $410,000.

Van Horn Way, 3636-Virginia Gray Brown to Paul and Irene Kongne Epse Chomnou, $322,000.


Cabinwood Dr., 13107-David E. Wolf to Aaron N. and Misty W. Holbert, $576,000.

David Ct., 2-David B. and Marlon Taubenheim to Okera Atiba Hawkins and Candice Evita Ortiz, $510,000.

Guilford Run Lane, 13235-Ennis and Ritza G. Whatley to Chiquinia and Antwon Morgan, $425,000.

Kathryn Rd., 1237-Florence Elizabeth Mulkey and Ellen J. Mulkey Fleury to Shaila E. Settles Lewis, $371,000.

Notley Rd., 14017-Maryland State Highway Administration to Ciara Dresser Lizarraga and Claudia Dresser, $468,000.

Quaint Acres Dr., 207-Stephen P. and Anthony P. Craig to Philip J. Piety, $543,000.

Shepperton Terr., 2855-Wilmington Trust NA to Leonel and Colomba Ramos, $165,000.

Valley Brook Dr., 414-Chris W. and Lisa B. Hepfer Brandolini to Darren H. and Sue G. Jarboe, $775,000.


Brierly Rd., 9018-Anne M. Kelley to Zachary J. and Kara H. Karr, $835,000.

Colston Dr., 2627-Wendy A. Hocking and Scott R. Neitzel to Adam Caldwell and Xochitl Halaby, $752,500.

East West Hwy., 2611-Evan K. Carter and Courtney S. Duran to Daniel and Robert Woofter, $665,000.

Lenox St. E., 107-Jan Acton and Helen E. Blumen to William A. and Aimee V. Burck, $1.32 million.

Summit Ave., 7305-Richard and Maria Fernandez Gold to Jennifer Riesch and Stephanie Berkowitz, $1.46 million.

Warwick Pl., 5810-Arne M. and Ruth M. Sorenson to Jonathan H. Spalter and Carissa S. Goux, $2.2 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 5610, No. 1609-Gail Dratch Michaels to John R. and Carol W. Wilner, $1.82 million.


Clarksmeade Dr., 23617-Ilene S. Magee to Amy and Jason Weathers, $453,000.

Grand Elm St., 12500-James E. and Lisa C. Hensley to Amit Nitin and Harshada Amit Patani, $732,000.

Lapwing Way, 13715-Winchester Homes Inc. to Collis R. and Stefanie D. Jones, $561,575.

Newcut Rd., 22492-Toby Gyrome Leigh to Sasisekhar Bennuru and Shree Deepa Vedam, $449,000.

Petrel St., 13748-Winchester Homes Inc. to Angeline C. Gan, $433,549.

Skylark Rd., 11825-Melinda S. Fletcher to Kye Hwan Lee and Young A. Yoon, $405,000.

Tannery Ridge Dr., 13101-Mark Andrew and Tara Elise Wilson to Michael Joseph and Kimberly Kay Borgel, $620,000.


Amberleigh Dr., 140-Rafijul Bari and Nasreen Farjana to Chukwunweike L. and Lotika A. Ugbome, $530,000.

Carona Pl., 429-Scott and Deborah Silverman to Deborah Karen and Samuel D. Bryant, $670,000.

Donora Rd., 17329-Robert J. and Gretchen T. Dejter to James and Laura Cameron, $675,000.

Gamble Ct., 14800-Jacqueline D. Bell to Jose and Luvy Herrera, $450,000.

McNeil Lane, 801-Patrick M. and Myndee E. Kerner to Babu and Beena B. Varghese, $655,000.

Stone House Lane, 508-Michael E. Kidwell and Marlene C. Cohen to Jared and Vanessa Stinson, $550,000.


Clarksburg Rd., 27441-William C. Thom and estate of Marian Godbey Meyers to Stephen Robinson, $250,000.

Howard Chapel Dr., 26917-Jean B. and Cynthia Baube to April Colettta, $306,000.

Ridge Rd., 24425-Jason and Amy Reed to Andrew S. and Christine M. Lukacs, $435,000.

Shelldrake Cir., 10117-Vernon P. and Kelly M. Sullivan to Thelma N. Okoye, $270,000.

Woodfield Rd., 25229-Margaret H. Stinson and estate of Ardelle Ratliff to Aaron Michael and Rachael Lyn Thompson, $365,000.


Dew Wood Dr., 7705-Kevin J. and Kathy A. Landkrohn to Arundhati Ghosh, $480,000.

Wapello Dr., 7225-Neil and Beth Neufeld to Jed G. Sondike and Melissa Hogan, $640,000.


Bradford Rd., 8516, No. 4-2-Martine L. Zundmanis to Hannah Claire Methvin, $337,000.

Dennis Ave., 1105-Sean P. and Brianne C. Kaurup to Rachel F. Klein and Timothy D. Canalichio, $400,000.

Garwood St., 9409-James Reisert to Allyson Sarah Grennille and Thomas Arthur Howell Jr., $600,000.

Merwood Lane, 9705-Christine M. Monahan and Philip A. Degnan to Will and Carolina Ines Maldonado, $425,000.

Pierce Dr., 10205-Eva C. and Kevin L. Durden to Francis James and Mary Claire Moran, $615,000.

Seminole St., 9508-Eugene Patrick and Colleen K. Campbell to Matthew P. and Katie M. Milone, $600,000.

Southwest Dr., 310-Diane T. Johnson and Jamie H. Frank to Deborah Helen Bryant, $487,000.

Wayne Ave. E., 95, No. 303-Shari M. and Garry J. Jackson to Jennifer Carey Randles, $102,000.


Bluebird Terr., 9205-Paul F. and Laurie J. Teychenne to Moises and Iris P. Cruz, $270,000.

Boysenberry Dr., 18516, No. 210-Rebecca Lynn Pomarzynski to Sen Lin, $110,000.

Bristol Downs Dr., 220-Wendy and John P. Shartle to Demetrius K. and Lakisha Morris, $501,026.

Christopher Ave., 411, No. 72-Cynthia Myers to Moheb Eslahi, $167,500.

Deer Park Rd. W., 270, No. 32-G-Asad and Soussan Cina to Prince and Michaella K. Beckley, $290,000.

Emory Woods Terr., 9105-Jessica L. Triplett to Malick and Alexandria Baker Haidara, $475,000.

Guildberry Ct., 7804, No. 102-U.S. Bank to Jimmy Su, $131,000.

Harmony Hall Rd., 108-Junhua Wang to Tat My Lieu and Wendy Yuen Cheung, $409,900.

Mattingly Terr., 20020-Jessica Marshall to Kwang Wook and Bo Kyung Kim, $400,000.

Quail Valley Blvd., 19022-Teodore C. and Tammy Carroll to Jennifer M. Padgett and Jeremy D. Maclively, $375,000.

Sanders Lane, 402-Kekumunui and Donna R. Dreier to Alvin Lee and Anglesia Rosita Lambert, $410,000.

Tygart Lane, 19977-Robert Ivanics to Imran and Muzammil Hussain, $270,000.

Winery Ct., 9733-Mary Jean Engling to Luisa Belen Diaz Ibghi, $109,000.


Antigone Dr., 14525-MAPM Inc. to Neil C. and Lucie Almasi Smith, $719,000.

Beacon Hill Terr., 429-Deanne Primozic Kasim to Kristie Marie Adams, $450,000.

Bunchberry Ct., 15308-Suzan Riazi and Narjes Mousavi Nasab to Adrienne Virginia and Yousaf Hyat, $545,000.

Citreon Ct., 10925-Donald J. and Paula G. Denucci to Dongkun Kim and Ji Young Jeong, $685,000.

Cross Green St., 329A, No. A-Suresh and Rashmi Shah to Gary M. and Joan B. Klemek, $391,000.

Fenceline Dr., 48-Jason Reier to Xiangying Zhang, $359,500.

Gentlewood St., 929-Daniel E. and Suzanne B. Kahn to Richard and Hannah Han, $862,000.

Grey Colt Lane, 11412-Tony Joe and Connie L. On to Bhaskar and Souparna Chakravarty, $642,000.

Highland Ridge Ave., 908-Michael S. and Carmen Elanie Ruiz Babst to Ya Zhang, $565,000.

Kent Square Rd., 108-Andrew and Jerilyn Nyborg to Christopher L. McLean and Ellie Sepehri, $715,000.

Little Quarry Rd., 344-Ernest J. and Stacia R. Friedman-Hill to Hsin Ju Hsieh and Brian Doglas Ward, $866,000.

Midline Rd., 14-Carl Francis and Sally K. Paroby to Ha Thi Hong Hong Nguyen, $329,000.

Nirvana St., 518-Camilo A. Azcarate and Johana Lukauskis to Adam R. and Jamie L. Stackman, $912,000.

Pebblewood Dr., 14523-Jane Louise Campos to Yue Yang, $762,000.

Quince Orchard Blvd., 772, No. 101-Aparna Sharma to Darwin Orihuela Lazaro, $111,500.

Ramsdell Ct., 5-Lois G. Blanken to Kenneth Andrew Schmidt and Heather Marie O’Connor, $344,900.

Smithy Ct., 10546-Jiwon Lee and Sujin Hwang to Yingzi Wang, $409,000.

Thaxton St., 311-Lisa M. Naylor to Daniel P. Hsia and Heather R. Sweren, $855,000.

Timberbrook Lane, 109, No. T-102-Judith S. Smith to Ellis Cypus Gillespie Jr., $262,500.

Winesap Ct., 9-James Chuan Chao to Li Zhang, $560,000.


Astoria Hill Ct., 13201-Rachel Burrell to Carlos A. Callejas Mendoza, $187,500.

Buckingham Way, 19409-Eunsil McKee to Jean Paul Attie, $312,000.

Chalet Pl., 13205, No. 101-Bholi Investments Corp. to Roxana Rivera Diaz, $175,000.

Cross Ridge Way, 12555-Claudia V. Umana to Wenchi Jaw and Paoyuan Lai, $246,000.

Grotto Lane, 18902-Maria Orfilia Pineda to Herbert Diaz, $310,000.

Hickory Tree Way, 12417, No. 213-John David Fletemeyer to Sergio D. La Rosa, $155,000.

Poppy Seed Ct., 12923-Richard T. Budd III to Judith T. and Lester A. Britton, $235,000.

Rockingham Ct., 8-Brian C. and Juliane C. Bowker to Zhenyu and Gabriella S. Wang, $440,000.

Shore Harbour Dr., 20408, No. 5-G-Dennis C. Egan to Julio R. and Leslie A. Alvarado, $230,000.

Sunbright Lane, 20426-Lisa V. and Andrew S. Bielen to Vitaliy Lyoshin, $330,000.

Town Commons Dr., 13036-Judith F. Holt to Margretta Browne, $433,000.

White Saddle Dr., 19623-Linda M. Wisniewski to Victor Julio Beltran Orellana and Rosa Elizabeth Jimenez Escobar, $255,000.


Brandywine St., 11111-Mark G. and Cynthia Robin Bissett to Christopher Norman, Paula Carol and Alexander Rushworth Hoelzel, $310,000.

Devin Pl., 10903-Alvin J. and Angela L. Sierrocco to Benjamin James and Emily R. Albaugh, $315,000.

Glenridge St., 4017-Ibrahim M. and Celine M.J. Oweiss to Bradley J. and Erin E. Weltler, $1.01 million.

Jennings Rd., 2714-Joseph G. and Carrie B. Adler to Luis Guillermo Alarcon and Viviana Alvarez De La Parra, $538,500.

Saint Paul St., 10607-Celine and E. Pachner to Jordan Snyder, $580,000.


Bush Hill Rd., 24200-Rosalyn M. Collier to Amy Elizabeth and Kevin A. Hoople, $395,000.

Echo Creek Ct., 23813-Ashley D. and Orion J. Graham to Samuel B. Angura and Sarah O. Kee, $680,000.

Riggs Rd., 5024-Charles L. and Helen E. Higginbotham to Matthew Cubbage, $455,000.

Windsor Knoll Lane, 7921-Dean M. and Shirley M. Anderson to Soheil Sonny Aliakbar, $587,500.


Capehart Dr., 19118-Michael D. and Cindy B. Stanley to Colette E. Bryant, $295,000.

Horizon Run Rd., 9437, No. 9-E-Jorge and Dolly Davila to Netra Raj and Sabita Karkee, $276,580.

Maple Leaf Ct., 20208-Takiyah and Aaron E. Thumma to Pascal N. and Carine N. Nouna, $303,000.

Pleasant Ridge Dr., 20320-Timothy Scott Leidner and Rafael P. Valdes Camin to Stacie D. Miller, $458,800.

Thomas Lea Terr., 8855-Basil E. and Karen L. Rooney to Matthew and Ashley O’Neil, $363,000.

Yankee Harbor Pl., 20220-Matthew E. and Christine O. Cliney to Shamika Renee Johnson, $359,900.


Green Forest Dr., 10200-Sandra L. and Ernest Alvis to Girma T. Mekonen, $380,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 9203, No. 2-Jacqueline Poole to Samuel and Dolores Bonilla Machado, $96,000.


Baileys Ct., 31-SRK Real Estate Corp. to Anya and Jocelyn Uzoh, $345,000.

Bennion Rd., 4501-Steven J. and Lori A. Lawhorn to Shadong and Lingling Wang, $452,000.

Chesterwood Dr., 3805-Mamadou Lamine Mbaye to Maria F. Bonilla Gonzalez and Wilber A. Bonilla Coreas, $245,000.

Doc Berlin Dr., 3825, No. 47-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Tyler J. Rudy and Jennifer L. Iovino, $346,000.

Feldon St., 12422-Joseph P. and Kathryn B. Ulerich to Elizabeth C. McMillan, $390,000.

Forest Edge Dr., 3501, No. 14-3E-Marjory H. Feldmann to Mikie Jenise Simon Bobo, $145,250.

Greenery Lane, 2207, No. T-3-8-Ashraf and Saeeda Qureshi to Allen Gerald Locust, $206,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15101, No. 1-119-Marguerit and E. Frank Bolden to Emma J. Griffin, $147,000.

Leisure World Blvd. N., 3330, No. 5-430-Edward Feldman to Esther E. Cellini, $199,000.

Leisure World Blvd. S., 3005, No. 411-Nathan and Lorene C. Segal to Bertha D. Padams, $317,000.

Saddlebrook Dr., 12722-Franklin N. and Maxine Himmelfarb to Theodore Robinson and Makeda Girma, $479,900.

Tivoli Lake Blvd., 13266-Adam and Georgia Chasen to Yusupha Ceesay and Solania Alcantara, $556,000.

Victor Ct., 2200-Mary L. and Neil M. Mall to Ali Shahparvari, $333,000.


Abbyville Pl., 4802-Mien Nghiem to Christina A. Presson, $485,000.

Brightwood Cir., 4805-Jason and Filiz Greenberg to Susan E. Berkheimer, $386,399.

Fox Chase Cir., 18218-David and Lisa A. Miller to Dmitri and Ludmila Costenco, $349,000.

Olney Mill Ct., 6-James F. and Paula J. Reuther to James E. Cieplenski and Nasreen C. Jahed, $567,000.

Saint Florence Terr., 3201-Jamie S. Lapin to Ann Hefflin, $390,000.

Softwood Terr., 3524-Alejandro Burgos and Ana L. Lopez to Natalia T. and Emmanuel S. Motsiopoulos, $375,000.

Vintage Spring Terr., 3512-Round Hill Realty Corp. to Michael Rolling, $306,500.

Winter Garden Way, 2220-Jenne M. Posner to Anakarym Nadyr Medina and Adam Barnes, $466,000.


Campbell Farm Rd., 17125-Michael K. and Sammeei Zeon Cameron to Chad M. and Georgina M. McDowell, $565,000.

Hillard Ct., 2-George Lund and Elizabeth Walker Devine to Phillip and Kristen Sahd, $535,000.

Wootton Ave., 19650-Phillip A. and Julee Brower to Joanne Barron, $215,000.


Avenel Farm Dr., 9908-Barry A. and Margaret Brower to Ken C. Huang and Ivy S. Chou, $1.27 million.

Candlelight Lane, 11047-Eileen P. Newman to Matthew and Anastasiya McNally, $630,000.

Fall River Lane, 9204-John A. and Mary C. Galotto to Lee C. and Jenna D. Weinstein, $990,000.

Gainsborough Ct. W., 8220-Thomas T. and Lucy C. Leuchtenburg to Sean D. Jennings, $1.1 million.

Kim Pl., 11825-Michael Atingi Ego and Vernetta Barungi Atingi to Christopher and Mary Crane, $680,000.

Lost Trail Way, 9432-Nancy J. and J. Scott Cameron to Akintunde Okanlawon and Olajumoke Oluwatoyin Ogunmodede, $810,000.

Milbern Dr., 11705-Kil Un and Ha Wol Ho to Shi Ju Ou, $680,000.

Purcell Dr., 9541-Corinne C. and Scott F. Dellapenna to Eric M. and Lorraine B. Koehrsen, $1.98 million.

Roberts Glen Ct., 11707-Miguel D. Valero to Yu Li and Ying Han, $1.13 million.

Stable Way, 7811-Matt and Elizabeth D. Megary to Jeffrey S. and Katheine A. Cutler, $1.2 million.

Whiterim Terr., 7810-Jan E. and Marcus T. Commodore to Blake and Hollann Schwartz, $720,000.


Bou Ave., 5750, No. 1612-Milee Ahn to Janet F. Yoskowitz, $500,000.

Deer Meadow Lane, 225-Tony S. Keung to Tongmao Zhao and Guangyi Ling, $630,000.

Elizabeth Ave., 205-Willie Yu to Teresa and Nelson Alcides Morales Sincuir, $270,000.

Grand Champion Dr., 641-Scott Shepard to Maletela Tuoane Nkhasi, $624,900.

Grosvenor Pl., 10101, No. 1513-Alexandre and Grigori Rostovtsev to Mary S. Brubaker, $276,000.

Hardwicke Pl., 15-Vinita S. and Saikat S. Joardar to Amy E. Henley, $700,000.

Jersey Lane, 104-Prakash Sankurathri to Shinjen Lin and Chiaochi Tsuei, $950,000.

Lakewood Dr., 10220-Arjang M. and Wendy Roshan to Vlad Chiscop and Aristea Bakopoulos, $975,000.

Monroe St., 118, No. 902-Hugh and Kathryn Vickery to Michael D. and Wendy L. Davis Bushey, $279,000.

New Mark Esplanade, 812-John D. Brown and Ruth A. Brenner to Ronna Abbe Popkin and Leslie Adele and Jonathan Peter Muller, $525,000.

Old Georgetown Rd., 11710, No. 609-Larry Callahan and Chinh Le to Jin Hee Kim, $309,000.

Overlea Dr., 9412-Pauline Fratantoni to William Laurence and Stephanie Gelfeld, $930,000.

Paxton Rd., 6600-Philip R. and Jane W. Hochberg to Christopher J. and Danielle E. Bennett, $1.15 million.

Reserve Champion Dr., 1115-Edward J. and Ilse H. Achtner to Li Zhang and Dunsan Fang, $675,000.

Roseland Dr., 6111-Luxmanor Custom Home Bulders Corp. to Ishraq A. Salman, $2.47 million.

Sterling Terr., 10104-Michael J. Riley to Tara Beth Mowbray, $629,000.

Treble Ct., 10125-Christopher S. Lew and Chienyung Han to Endashaw Tadesse Gossa, $590,000.

Warfield Dr., 616-Paul A. and Megan Steele to Diana J. Gilpatrick, $640,000.

Winding Rose Dr., 459-Lucy B. Alexander to Michael Shoaseged and Mehlet Goitom, $595,000.


Applegrath Way, 11485-Daksha and Hareshkumar Laheri to Kabirul M. Islam, Maksuda Khatoon, Jannatul Rahman and Tajkera Rahman, $279,900.

Dunstable Cir., 19902, No. 175-Dane Liston and Claudia Cooper to Emily Carter, $235,000.

Madrigal Dr., 19812-Fahim U. Siddiqui and Mumtaz Jahan to Imran Mustafa, $390,000.

Scarlet Leaf Terr., 20921-Vijaykumar B. and Aruna V. Khandge to Anish Shahi and Niva Tuladhar, $510,000.

Tall Forest Dr., 20827-Shannon Bradley Hill to Diego F. and Emy Rosybell Gutierrez, $490,000.

Watkins Rd., 11010-Donald R. and Rosa Lee B. Lindsey to Anthony W. Maczis and Mary E. Burns, $600,000.


Cedar St., 8410-Frank H. Johnson and Constance Pena to William J. Sears and Sarah M. Rose, $700,000.

Darcy Green Pl., 2133-Sasikiran Balsa and Amrita Ghosh to Isabel Lyeli Spake and Martin James McHugh III, $543,000.

Greenbrier Dr., 407-Adam Kelly and Alissa Kelzingman to Meghan C. and Scott M. Straub, $705,000.

Lansdowne Way, 2021-Mark J. and Adele C. Morin to Christopher and Cindy Ingleton, $581,500.

Newell St., 8045, No. 318-Satyam V. and Shrimayi D. Vashi to Paul and Marnay Meyer, $410,000.

Springwood Dr. S., 1607-Oscar A. Cabrera and Fanny N. Gomez to Sarah Scarcelli and Frank Jason Rhoden, $625,000.

Westview Dr., 2304-Residential Value Corp. to Janice E. Butler, $584,000.

13th St., 8005, No. 405-Alexander S. Lane to Lynn S. Blyden, $450,500.


Erie Ave., 721, No. 1-Jo Reyes to Victoria Merriweather, $209,000.

Hudson Ave., 601, No. 205-Sean P. and Shannon Bell to Jeanne C. Downey, $170,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 7333, No. 514-Kevin Arthur and Carolina Panico to Kristen Engebretsen, $242,000.


Castleford St., 506-Philip M. and Deborah R. Cormany to Forrest Sullivan Reilly and Samantha Rachel Zavras, $420,000.

Matthews Dr., 1403-Colleen Sue Blizard to Jake J. Luo and Xiu Qin Li, $372,000.

Wade Ave., 904-Nahal Kardan to Brendan Lawrence, $353,408.


Arcola Ave., 1806-Stephen L. Fickett to Denny Mahalia Lewis and Andrew Derek E. Bynoe, $388,000.

Cody Dr., 1718-Jo Anna and Norman C. Scherer to Sharon A. Pippert and Gregory A. Andres, $537,000.

Gilsan St., 11615-Round Hill Realty Corp. to Tal and Liora B. Kerem, $540,000.

Horde St., 10919-Edward H. Whitt to Meredith G. McCormack and Michael R. Sayre, $530,000.

University Blvd. W., 1111, No. 508-A-Karl Anil and Allison Poonai to Jane E. Jackson and John R. and Timothy W. Acton, $120,000.

Frederick County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Adamstown Commons Dr., 5524-Eugene Slyman to Waleed and Mansoora Mahmood, $428,000.


Long Farm Lane, 1205-NVR Inc. to Phyllis Anne and Frank Thomas Baiocchi, $424,990.

Potomac View Pkwy., 1163-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Terence H. and Patricia A. Ethridge, $402,709.


Brockton Dr., 3255-Kenneth R. and Brandy Kristin Putnam to Blake A. and Laura A. Hedges, $380,000.

Manheim Pl., 3908-Steven and Stephanie Katz to Kelly A. McLister, $258,000.


Regina Dr., 2234-Dorino and Linda J. Romano to Amy Zane and Edward Smulligan, $525,000.


Provincial Pkwy., 29-Marie Laura Emma Tellier to Daniel F. Marshall and Kristina M. Reynolds, $174,500.


Arwell Ct., 463-Nicole T. Griffith to Chomeini R. and Brittany S. Powell, $218,000.

Basswood Rd., 7034-Bonnie Kay White to Royce B. Friedlander, $225,900.

Duke Ct., 5319-Sterling National Bank to Shive K.L. and Vijaya L. Gowda, $200,000.

Finnical Way, 4861, No. 104-NVR Inc. to Thomas G. and Ruby L. Burns, $258,140.

Glenmeadow Ct., 7182-Michael D. Hall to Kenji A. Konishi, $230,000.

Hunting Ridge Dr., 620-Bruce L. Jacobson and Mary Rose Vogt to Brett D. Robinson and Kit L. Tam, $380,000.

Katsura Ct., 5799-MVA Holdings Inc. to Kasun Sankatha Weerawarna and Dona Dasuni P. Ranasinghe, $242,000.

Marsden Ct., 4820-Edwin and Nadia Ashourian to Haider Ali Abbas and Shari Mostofi, $415,000.

Murray Terr., 6150-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Brandon Copple, $298,990.

Seagull Ct., 6654-Trinh Pham to Henry Noe Espinoza and Danna Dianna Malamura, $250,000.

Sweetshade Ave., 595-Weston and Lindsay Kandrick to Andrew Poelma and Leah Kube, $321,000.

Wesley Sq., 5046-Andrew Patterson McClellan to Jane Kahugu, $367,000.


Apple Ave., 616-Scott E. Clabaugh to Luis A. Castillo, $305,000.

Bellhaven Ct., 9524-Sabrina R. Morris to Andrew and Laura Rittenhouse, $280,000.

Blandwood Rd., 615-Wormald Homes at Eastchurch Corp. to Christopher Z. Ritchie and Chiu C. Kong, $586,506.

Center St., 243-Enelrad Corp. to Ryan Gladhill and Jaime Thompson, $425,000.

Daysville Rd., 11035-Oliver Homes Inc. to Dejan and Elizabeth A. Kojic, $848,753.

Everly Dr. N., 2604, No. 6-Jonathan and Jane Capshaw O’Keefe to Carol A. Adams, $195,000.

Fieldcrest Dr., 6152-Virginia A. Dowski to Kurtis A. Jones, $469,000.

Holden Rd., 713-Michael J. and Pamela A. Tompos to Katherine M. Bouterie and Benjamin Sporeie, $342,500.

Island Grove Blvd., 2632-Joseph F. Dox to Michael T. and Deborah C. Rusk, $366,000.

Knollwood Dr., 6302-Jeremiah H. and Sharon L. Whisenhunt to Tamara L. Jelali, $384,000.

Maxwell Sq., 42-Kevin and Kerry McHugh to Rondal Tobler, $475,000.

Monocacy View Cir., 1804A, No. 40A-Frank T. and Susan I. Stanczyk to Elena Sassu Read, $210,000.

Parish Lane, 2203-Charles H. and Catherine C. Phillips to Jocelyn Jean Jakubik, $348,700.

Saint Lawrence Ct., 1535-Keith Shaw to Jason Manuel and Maria G. Aguirre Estrada, $235,000.

Wheyfield Dr., 1598-Kenneth P. White to Arlene E. White, $289,900.


Bishop Ct., 1203-NN Blessings Inc. to Antwan and Kendra Jones, $315,000.

Butterfield Overlook, 2029-James M. and Angela D. Streit to Darryl and Mary Drapeaux, $434,000.

Chestnut Hill Way, 106-Jeremy and Caleigh Williams to Luis and Leticia Arias, $264,000.

Downhill Run, 7415-Todd Raymond Hiltner to Evelyn C. and Luis A. Solano, $270,000.

Emerson Dr., 2607-Lakisha A. Partman to Betty Lamin and Patrick G. Blamo, $285,000.

Fieldstone Way, 1912-Randy M. Embrey to Kimon George and Edith A. Pillco Suquilanda, $279,900.

Granby Way, 1807-Joseph and Lourdes Mountran to Victor H. Segura and Argi Joshi, $483,900.

Jennings Ct., 1604-Jose O. Cruz to Morazanida Guardado Rodriguez, $210,000.

Lawler Dr., 1231-DRSFA Corp. to Richard J. and Leslie A. Parente, $323,000.

Mountainview Dr., 6610-David L. and April Donley to Mitchell Phillips and John A. Lehr, $345,000.

Prentice Ct., 2415-Department of Veterans Affairs to Cory J. Spindler, $220,000.

Shelley Cir., 2504-Nancy L. Freehoffer to William F. and Sarah Schultz, $186,650.

Vienna Ct., 49-Brandon Chuhran and Rae Gallagher to Kyle T. McGinnis and Elizabeth A. Mildenstein, $194,900.

White Rock Ave., 9337-Phillip M. and Jaimie L. Tucker to Joshua Smithson, $232,000.


Doctor Perry Rd., 9946-Shawn P. and Heather M. Benjaminson to Lloyd M. and Jennifer L. Tucker, $429,900.

Loch Haven Dr., 2702-Ian J. Twombly and Sara M. Hapip to Eugert and Sonila Luzi, $392,500.

Prestwich Terr., 10015-Scott and Sherry Bass to Kevin D. and Courtney A. Mackay, $570,000.


Galyn Dr., 120-Brian and Tabitha Freund to Elise Nilssen and Andrew Kennedy, $430,000.

Mountain Rd. E., 555-Elaine J.D. Hotel to Syed Ghazanfar Hasan and Najmussahar Anderabi, $1.15 million.


Nittany Ct., 13202-Terri A. Cantwell Houston to Richard and Nancy Ellery, $365,000.


Farmstead Pl., 1-Varnia C. Bryant to Brad L. Henderson, $509,000.

Mansfield Ct., 8580-Dennis Lee Wolfinger and Marcia Lynn Sullivan to Eric and Lauren Martin, $320,000.

Opal Ct., 7006-Gayle L. Williams and estate of Grayson M. Williams Sr. to Jason and Karyn Folliot, $359,000.


Chaucer Ct., 3821-John and Paula M. Dimitriadis to Shawn Michael and Heather Marie Harrison, $460,000.

Mid County Dr., 11914-Mark A. Darling to Austin Malpass and Jillian Arensmeyer, $340,000.


Contour Rd., 109-Shirley A. Duley to Alexis C. Smith, $265,000.

Highboro Dr., 4404-William J. and Carolyn Sue Stanley to Joseph Patrick Osborne and Carolyn Leigh Hayden, $380,000.

Warfield Dr., 5-Teresa Ann Gue to Jose R. Hernandez Flores and Nelly G. Hernandez, $320,000.


Canada Hill Rd., 2750-Carla M. Palamone to Jessica Daniele Montgomery, $335,000.


Accipiter Dr., 6743-Archana and Harish Argarwal to Florence Litzenger and Reynald Dupuis, $748,000.

Commodore Ct., 6620-Charles J. and Catherine R. Hollander to Tracy Marie Jones, $278,000.

Edwardian Lane, 10578, No. 133-Barbara B. Cooper to Roger and Jeannette M. Csajko, $460,000.

Hemlock Point Rd., 6707-Andrew J. and Katie E. Fields to Jason David and Kathleen Zak McDonnell, $300,000.

Masters Rd., 7172-Stacy Lynn Jenkins and Philip D. Babcock Jr. to Joshua D. Dyczewski and Kongkeo Lam, $337,000.

Pond Fountain Ct., 11107-Deborah C. Rusk Kelley to Stephanie Shae Bindel, $349,900.

Sewell Dr., 714-Sean P. and Kimberly A. Kober to Richard Kirk and Karen A. Trunnell, $343,000.

Shore Way N., 6530-Raymond A. Brengs to John R. and Kara Lynn Garruto, $679,000.


Barnes Rd., 14817-Richard L. and Charles L. Black to Roger Gilbert Arnold, $1 million.


Thomas Dr., 1610-Michael L. Melby and Patrick Button to Kevin Baker and Rachel Stream, $318,900.


Black Rd., 7850-Jeffrey J. and Dawn P. White to Steven J. and Crystal R. Smith, $490,000.

Gateway Dr. W., 503-Mohammad and Donna B. Hashemzadeh to Joseph Anthony and Melissa Lynn Cavenee, $355,000.

Pleasant Acres Dr., 29-Robert W. and Melinda J. Cool to Jonathan and Heather Burke, $347,500.

Tacoma St., 4-Jon and Heather Burke to Christopher Sean Turgeon, $310,000.

Victor Dr., 5-Juanita and Sterling H. Kelbaugh to Joshua W. and Tiffany Justice, $245,000.


Amelung St., 8937-Charles Lund to Herman K. Wong, $350,000.

Cliffview Lane, 8420-MS Gladhill Farms Corp. to Nadine Anderson, $550,110.

Lew Wallace Rd., 8821-Michael J. and Kathleen M. Grealy to Fang Gu, $335,000.

Prospect Hill Pl., 9445-Kelly S. and Elizabeth D. Jones to John Joseph and Kandi Renee Miller, $475,000.

Shady Pines Dr., 8807-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Anatole and Beatrice Ginette M. Patchou, $434,280.

Springhollow Lane, 3633-Mohamed M. Gohar and Reham M. Youssif to Veeraragavan Padmanabhan, Priya Kannan and estate of Padmanabhan Kannan, $295,000.

Wasatch View Dr., 3009-NVR Inc. to Antoinette Agyako and David Agyako Wiredu, $764,575.


Capricorn Rd., 122-David L. and Carlene A. Sample to Christopher and Elizabeth Birth, $419,995.

Dublin Rd., 9536-Jason S. Esterly to Rebecca and Cody Rosenbarker, $175,000.

Greenbrier Lane, 9802-James F. and Kyong Sung Zinkham to Paul S. and Michelle H. Venit, $300,000.

Savannah Ct., 100-Ashly Beam to Tyler D. Britt, $190,000.

Whimsey Ct., 8815-Tobi A. Hoise to Glenys Coker, $208,000.


Second St. N., 213-Robert S. and Mary F. Shoemaker to Michael F. Haines and Ashley N. Yokum, $220,000.