Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in August 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Clinton Ct., 7018, No. 21A-Keith B. Goodwin to David C. Ratajski and Holly J. Stagmer, $465,000.

Dumbarton Dr., 126-Shawn and Jennifer Barber to Joseph D. Quinlisk, $216,000.

Gardner Dr., 106-Ilene W. Jack to Rachel Peters Prendergast and Ryan Raymond Conn, $425,000.

Harness Creek Rd., 3259-Kathleen M. Martin to John W. Butler and Amanda A. Gibson, $1.15 million.

Hilltop Lane, 304-Matthew C. Modderno to Michael R. Letts, $199,000.

Mainsail Dr., 1117-Harold S. and Joan D. Young to Jeffrey M. and Nicole M. Dolan, $475,000.

Parkwood Ave., 809-William Sanjour to John T. and Rosmary C. Zuknick, $420,000.

Silverwood Cir., 12, No. 5-Paul J. Weber and the estate of Edwin C. Weber to Tammy Rowena Ferguson, $174,900.

Windwhisper Lane, 26-M & K Corp. to Stacey Marie Clarke, $425,000.


Boom Ct., 1018-Joan R. and Patricia A. McKenna to Tina Grivas and Henry F. Rhein Jr., $345,000.

Coover Rd., 523-Daniel G. and Dorothy M. Bagnell to Carleton Edgar and Sally Jane Mott, $405,000.

Dewey Dr., 360-Mark A. Fredette to Christa A. Hasenkopf and Joseph C. Flasher, $406,900.

Franklin St., 66, No. 210-Daniel R. Lytle and Ann M. Hayden to Benjamin R., Barbara A. and Charles S. Green, $689,000.

Golfers Ridge Rd., 2559-Perry S. and Susan N. Shelton to Joyce R. North and Bonzie M. Gibert, $510,000.

Harbour Heights Dr., 54-Daniel J. and Elizabeth A. Brocik to Matthew S. Hiller, $295,000.

Island View Dr., 149-Charlotte E. Davis to Michael K. Young and Virginia M. Clark, $450,000.

Park Pl., 5, No. 311-Guy W. and Valerie M. Rhodes to Karen L. McCamant, $548,500.

Rudder Way, 860-Virginia D. Keeler to Robert A. Neuman and Katherine L. Henry, $465,000.

Sleepy Hollow Rd., 55-Katherine F. Higdon to Judy Anne Thomas, $495,000.

Summerview Way, 2710, No. 1103-Kelsey S. Sears to Joan M. Bowling, $235,000.

Winters Chase Way, 2926-Mark and Jennifer Sussman to Michele L. Polino and Leland P. Snyder, $412,831.


Alameda Pkwy., 341-Brandon M. Hoffman to Makayla Hanington, $285,000.

Bay Hills Dr., 531-Peter J. Ponne and Leslie A. Campbell to Richard C. Lewis and Kathy L. Pettigrew, $560,000.

Medinah Ct., 1413-Herbert M. Wilson Jr. to Mary S. Dreibelbis, $230,000.

Pride Of Baltimore Dr., 501-Samuel E. and Emily Brooke Long to Scott Junk and Sarah John, $667,000.

Tasker Lane, 1006-Greg L. and Leanne R. Doty to Keith and Tracey Brown, $477,000.

White Coral Ct., 1193-Kelly W. and Melissa J. Keys to Jonathan and Emily Reyes, $203,000.


Church St., 301-Bonnie Jean and Connie Lynn Pennington Alt to Jose Luis Perez Navarrett, $277,300.

Harbor Valley Dr., 5656-Robert John and Della L. Glodek to Cecilia Star and Jimmy Alexander Garcia, $315,000.


Circle Dr., 1513-Kent M. Pagoota to Kenneth P. and Kimberley Chisholm, $520,000.

Foolish Pleasure Ct., 1657-Frank P. Montgomery to Daniel T. Engelmann and Luz M. Rivero Engelmann, $243,000.

Noah Winfield Terr., 905-Dawn E. Martini to Nancy L. Hackmann, $415,000.

Poplar Tree Dr., 1078-Charles Raymond and Jennifer Klug Vaccaro to Michael S. and Kathryn M. Jordan, $320,000.

Saint Johns Dr., 981-Basey P. Harden and Hugh Brent Seabrook to Alicia J. Tester, $237,000.

Southview Dr., 1203-Lori J. Goodin to Brian D. and Sandra C. Jernigan, $394,000.

Sunwood Lane, 503-Scott and Kristi Smith to Daniel B. and Jenna Turley, $670,000.

Trawler Lane, 1659-Jay and Kimberley Rhee to Howard K. Gelman, $690,000.


Dartmouth St., 5624-Travis J. and Kandi K. Repass to Michael John Gainey Jr., $289,000.


Aberdeen Dr., 2023-Carey L. and Deborah L. Cowell to Alexander Righter and Amber L. Guthrie, $415,000.

Blockton Ct., 1486-Nicholas R. and Meredith Cole to Jeffrey Robert Krug and Monica Eleni Trubounis, $259,000.

Farlow Ave., 1561-Francis Aidan and Mandy S. Surlis to Randy B. and Christie Deltuva, $575,500.

Jeffrey Dr., 1156-Gregory Shelton and Antoinette Shelton McClain to Mark and Kimberly Russell, $339,000.

Montpelier Ct., 2094-Deborah Jean and Robert A. Walton to Carin A. and Robert A. Antochy, $410,000.

Nutwood Ct., 1406-Charlotte M. Long to John Roland and Valerie E. Hayden, $226,550.

Price Rd., 2700-Mark C. Workman and estate of Richard Vermon Workman to Constantino L. and Lorribel P. Castillo, $550,000.

Simsbury Ct., 1149-Paul H. and Thomas E. Dame to Christopher T. and Melanie Pursley, $268,100.

Wickham Way, 1654-Clarence Robert Metro to Matthew and Stephanie Krimmel, $508,000.

Yorktown Ct., 1684-Daniel James and Kathleen A. Dister to Jason and Angela Marie Moreira, $300,000.


Hampton Dr., 1058-Dennis R. and Susan A. Perry to Kyle and Jacqueline Conrad, $360,000.

Old Herald Harbor Rd., 805-James M. Polly and Kristin N. Salazar to Christina M. Follett, $485,000.


Greenland Beach Rd., 213-SJSB Properties Corp. and SS & S Properties Corp. to Robin R. Sands, $324,000.


Governor Bridge Rd., 1348-Margaret M.C. L. and Francis J. Zylwitis to John L. and Kerri E. Edwards, $394,990.

Manor View Rd., 1536-Timothy James Whitmore to Carrie D. and Robert J. Reed, $358,000.


Bay Dr., 946-Malien P. Lane to Trever W. and Grace Belden, $365,000.


Carvel Lane, 4154-Kimann Schwartz to Angela and Scott David Cholewczynski, $420,000.

Cliff Dr., 1705-Katherine M. and Edward T. Reed to Derek and Kimberly Davis, $417,000.

Hillside Ave., 801-Brad W. Snodgrass and Timothy Conroy to Jeffrey S. Miller Sr., $291,000.

Loch Haven Rd., 684-K. Hovnanian at Southpointe Corp. to Brian T. and Nichole M. Lopez Dressel, $767,267.

Penwood Dr., 407-Konrad M. and Carol L. Wayson to Tylor and Cynthia Helms, $443,000.

Riverton Pl., 104-Rory Yegerman and Courtney Melissari to Deborah B. and Donald G. Magnuson, $408,000.

Shore Dr., 1429-Jason Dienhart to Jennifer Goetz and Dustin Collins, $359,000.

Sweet Leaf Lane, 4225-Frank E. Loveridge to Lauren Thumm and Paul Saxton, $530,000.


Meng Lane, 204-Steven M. and Penny M. Dechello to Kevin and Crystal Holmes, $492,000.


Autumn Haze Ct., 2124-James I. and Wendy P. McCloskey to John Bouvier, $652,500.

Hallmark Dr., 2126-John B. and Jamey Linn Jackson to Edward D. and Jessica D. Patterson, $475,000.

Ogden Way, 2412-Peter W. Bernat to Vijay Kumar Somu, $390,000.

Wigeon Way, 1406, No. 102-Kenneth E. Bringley to Anne M. Dolan, $240,000.


Braden Loop, 1424-Zachary M. Riser to Nicholas G. Kfoury, $291,500.

Burwood Ave., 408-Connie A. Baker and estate of John W. Fincham to Hope Gonzalez, $265,000.

Crestpark Dr., 529-Sharon Stair and Kenneth Edward Duncan Jr. to Scott and Maria Boren, $269,000.

Foxridge Ct., 201-Kathy G. Kenney to Kristin Mihalcik and Bryan Lamar Gregg, $400,000.

Glendale Ave., 463-Daniel R. Fields to Mark Hamilton and Rebecca Anne Burke, $265,000.

Kindred Way, 118-Kristina E. Boyd to Kenneth and Sherrie L. Lewis, $328,000.

McNamara Dr., 7615-Paramount Investments Corp. to William Preston and Lakeisha R. Harmon, $197,000.

Packard Ave., 501-Kyle A. and Tammy L. Kronsteiner to Nathan Robert and Sara Kathryn Lively, $296,000.

Ryan Rd., 317-Bortle Custom Homes Inc. to Katie and Kevin Johnson, $350,000.


Blue Water Ct., 300, No. 302-Fannie Mae and BWW Law Group Corp. to Kevin Smith, $170,000.

Furnace Ave., 1506-Thomas R. and Linda M. Batts to Dimitrios G. Mellis, $345,000.

Jarrett Lane, 835-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Charles Cresawn and Blair Scroggs, $345,648.

Lansing Rd., 1703-Matthew T. Rozanski to Penny E. Whitmer, $259,900.

Meadowgate Cir., 8105-Clinton and Kathy Hare to Victor M. Fraser, $520,000.

Norman Ave., 517-Brough A. and Georgia Lee Jones to Innocent M. Motindi, $380,000.

Oriole Ave., 835-Tessania Alsten Patterson to Brittanie C. Lee and Jamaal Brown, $345,000.

Pintail Ct., 203-Richard and Jean Gavigan to Sheri Lynn and William E. Brady, $420,000.

Saltgrass Dr., 253-Debbi Comer Batten to Henry H. and Barbara A. Holder, $459,000.

Stallings Dr., 7287-Joshua Thomas and Shea R. Gardner to Conrad Adu Boahen and Benedicta M. Davies, $325,000.

Tanager Ave., 7105-Brandon G. and Christine L. Myers to Anthony E. Slack and Latdavone Insyxiengmay, $348,000.


Bakers Creek Lane, 7815-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Matthew D. Raydon, $444,475.

Crystal Brook Way, 7841-Kenneth and Karen Chamberlain to Karshan Allen, $450,000.

Gesna Dr., 1415-Fernando Serrano Villanueva and Jayme M. Serrano to Travis Schanz and Jean Horne, $350,000.

Linden Dr., -US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Fidae and Zahideh Odeh, $388,000.

Stoney Run Dr., 7524B-Nawaal Israel Durrani to Jamarra T. Mitchell, $319,900.


Owensville Sudley Rd., 4429-Gary M. Topkins and Mitzi D. Johnson to Jesse A. Carter, $330,000.


Sommers Ct., 2413-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Kimberly Ayanna Howell, $402,236.


Floating Leaf Lane, 3557, No. F302-Jogender Matta to Anthony Jimenez, $218,000.

Lyndhurst St., 8314-Deepak C. Peter to Ann K. Tan Dumpit, $385,000.

Pennington Dr., 8141-Jerry D. and Kathleen H. Bynum to Augustine and Marjorie Nicolas Vandy, $327,900.

Tribeca Trail, 3512-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Kyle Timothy Snyder, $414,990.

Woodland Manor Dr., 8511-Justin W. and Amanda J. Walker to Regla Ana Carrington, $330,000.


Darlene Ave., 503-Kerry Ryan and Brittany Smith to Adam and Rachael Jun, $354,000.

Hawthorne Rd., 537-Jeffery R. Cowen to Elizabeth M. Guffey, $255,000.

Nancy Ave., 432-David and Karen M. Von Berg to James W. and Kathy L. Benton, $304,900.


Claybrooke Dr., 4425-Douglas J. and Heather L. Williams to Brian T. and Maude E. Morris, $615,000.


Broadleaf Ct., 380-James M. and Linda M. Smith to Christopher and Lindsey Roche Gilliam, $610,000.

Glenda Ct., 232-Donna Chong Wilson and Verna May Chong to Shelby Watts, $249,900.

Michele Cir., 248-Christian G. and Alice H. Nickel to Lisa M. Martin, $244,900.

Powers Dr., 8231-Southern Oaks Corp. to Joshua D. and Mary J. Cortina, $559,813.

Suez Ave., 8204-MC Hammer and Nail Investments Corp. to Leah Smith and Barbara Smith Graham, $425,000.


California Ave., 614-Estate of Mararet L. Lacey and John J. Lacey to Leonard A. and Ruth E. Drumm, $355,000.


Astilbe Way, 2033-Javed Raza to Anab and Alfred Kemal, $220,000.

Farrara Dr., 1333-Katherine E. and Mark T. Millford to Erin Snow and Christopher Blevins, $265,500.

Graycliff Lane, 1231-Dana H. Johnson to Andrew C. and Heather C. Giotis, $335,328.

Jostaberry Way, 2476-Michael D. and Jodie S. Miller to Robert J. and Lucy P. O’Neil, $374,900.

Moonglow Rd., 602, No. 302-Quorum Federal Credit Union to Agnes Farkas, $162,000.

Palonia Ct., 1928-Vincent A. and Kelly L. Knight to Tolulope O. Obafemi, $259,900.

Queen Anne Ave., 529-Paul D. Lashmet and Bethany A. West to Joseph S. Dangerfield, $322,500.

Treasure Dr., 1313-Daniel K. and Shawna K. Karlson to Craig Andrew Perry, $459,000.

Westridge Cir., 71-Kathryn A. Fitzpatrick to Roland Yannick Kamdem and Laetitia N. Yonga, $325,000.


Apple Orchard Dr., 3902-Steven W. and Eva C. Nettleton to Joshua C. Binder, $289,000.

Beach Ave., 297-Joseph T. Dunn to Bryan Charles Legarda and Angel Lynn Mangus, $295,000.

Black Sky Lane, 306-Timberlake Creekstone Corp. to Timothy Buckingham, $402,808.

Cedar Rd., 1918-Bonnie Healy to Leslie C. and Melanie Louise Simmons, $515,000.

Dunlap Rd., 188-Joan A. Flake and estate of Glade F. Flake to Benjamin Dayman, $200,000.

Edna Rd., 1324-Dave and Georgene Ebner to Graham and Glynis D. Long and Alexander W. Hutt, $265,000.

Fernhill Ave., 7846-Craig Smetters to Clayson J. Scutt, $289,900.

Green Ice Dr., 8234-Richard and Kara Fifer to Meredith and Shawn Barker, $579,999.

Lawrence Ave., 7742-Robert H. and Stacy M. Thayer to Kathryn L. Heinrich, $350,000.

Main Ave., 8527-Norman and Amy McCord to Richard and Diana Lombardi, $405,000.

Meadow Lane, 8476-Charles F. and Beverly A. Madden to Kelly Murray Young, $315,000.

New York Ave., 228-Mack J. and Nicole Deluca Carpenter to James McDonald, $365,000.

Outing Ave., 7775-Crystal and Lawrence Harrell to Eric K. Brooks and Brittany L. Lillies, $355,500.

Riverside Dr., 8220-Judy Eberhardt and estate of Barbara Anne Kowalski to Ciera M. and Christopher P. Shields, $425,000.

Sharon Dr., 4409-Fuli Li to Harold Ernesto Lara Ramirez and Kelvin Rolando Lara, $335,000.

Skipjack Pl., 8537-Joseph Charles and Maurine E. Larkin to Lance Michael and Mu Cai French, $320,000.

Turf Valley Dr., 843-Charles J. Hudson to Clayton Johns and Alexis Bache, $250,000.

Whites Cove Rd., 7875-John C. and Bernice M. Newman to Joan R. Borges, $495,500.


Hambleton Rd., 2800-James M. and Heidi Farley to Michael S. and Jennifer D. Waldon, $466,000.


Bennett Pl., 1772-Cheryl A. Newman to Fletcher Leroy Craig Sr., $358,000.

Carinoso Cir., 1146-Department of Veterans Affairs to Corria Hawkins, $354,500.

Citadel Dr., 7823-Andrew and Sandra Cifa to Daryl L. and Jennifer K. Rouleau, $414,900.

Evesboro Dr., 7922-Steven and Stephanie Getz to Cam A. and Alison R. Levasseur, $385,000.

Grand Canopy Dr., 1330-Toll VII Partnership to Tavaris J. Burke, $497,056.

Hollow Ct., 8136-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Phatmatta Z. Kargbo and Musa Bangura, $298,547.

Lasalle Pl., 1822-Perry Homes to Kristel Wardell, $332,000.

Ringe Dr., 1550-Jill Renae and Colin E. Olsson to Gregory D. and Cynthia L. Buckler, $523,000.

Stonehearth Rd., 7938-Brian J. Adams to Robert Gant, $322,000.

Watch House Cir. S., 1801-Brandon S. Parsons to Pearl A. and Terrence L. Pugh, $242,500.


Avondale Cir., 206-J. Michael and Laurie B. Wachs to Emily and Lloyd Latham Temple, $815,000.

Berrywood Dr., 113-Brian C. and Iris V. Lachapelle to Kevin E. Rabickow and Jaime C. Nash, $700,000.

Cattail Passage Ct., 303-David R. Sonnenberg and Holly Lindeman to Arshad Mahmood, $785,000.

Cottonwood Dr., 843-Timothy Franklin and Patrice Meredith Clarke to Elizabeth B. Heller, $490,000.

Duffield Dr., 594-Fernard R. and Geraldine K. Verrier to Russell and Michelle Kuemper, $520,000.

Holland Rd., 405-Robert S. and Thistle A. Cone to James E. Bell and Emily K. Stephens, $660,000.

Mcclare Way, 751-Michael D. and Leslie A. McClare to Kevin M. and Meghan E. Gattie, $475,000.

Severn Ave., 109-Gloria Homick Laird to William A. and Elizabeth A. Pumphrey, $500,000.

Stinchcomb Rd., 742-Sandra L. Burnett to Carrie A. Joneckis, $431,000.


Butternut St., 1317-Frank Petillo to Dominick Francis Holland and Jacqueline N. Poplai, $210,000.

Frederick Ave., 4742-B. Michael and Margaret W. Rauh to Albert George Bossar Jr., $680,000.


Genoa Rd., 6353-Shu Li and Xiangxing Zeng to Juanita Naomi Koilpillai, $700,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in June 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Argent Path, 3121-Yun A. and Sang H. Kang to Francis and Janine Fuertes Ramirez, $919,000.

Breconshire Rd., 10304-David Pomeranz and Lisa Morgan to Mark E. and Diane J. Fishman, $775,000.

Cabery Rd., 10229-Deutsche Bank National Trust and Saron Asset Securities Trust to Stanislaus Stephen and Kishok Delsy Rojohn, $501,850.

Chateau Ridge Dr., 3763-Shih Ping and Wei Winnie Han to Jennifer Pullo and Kevin Michael Plumlee, $750,000.

Dana Ct., 2805-Rajesh Kotha and Mrudula Kankanala to Steven and Lauren Sansone, $575,000.

Duff Ct., 9363-Donald G. Kozak to Carol E. Jackson, $460,000.

Foxhound Rd., 2837-Matthew M. Pfau to Nicholas and Katie M. Repetti, $635,000.

Hawthorne Rd., 3909-John S. and Eric Sieg to John P. and Chelsea Hudson, $510,000.

High Point Rd., 4042-Kevin Barry and Angela Denise Brown to Ellen Pinnow, $475,000.

Leaf Shade Dr., 2838-Michael J. and Christine E. Pierre to Martin P. Brooks and Lan Lu, $735,000.

Links Ct., 2729-James J. and Sandra M. Caffes to Kelvin K. and Jessica L. Hong, $980,000.

Manorhill Lane, 4605-Joseph J. Ciotola to David P. and Katherine M. Cahill, $700,000.

Nashville Ct., 11055-Village at Turf Valley Corp. to Jian Sun, $637,255.

Old Mill Rd., 9938-Barbabra and Oliver W. Holloman to Abuzar A. Mian and Yumna Bukhari, $425,000.

Raleigh Tavern Lane, 10239-Bernard G. and Adele S. Taube to Michael and Nakia S. Reynolds Bridges, $520,000.

Rose Trail, 9919-Gilbert A. and Malinda J. Dice Shah to Seyedeh M. and Anam Moghimi, $600,000.

Smokey Wreath Way, 4633-Martin Brooks and Lan Lu to Iyanna and Janice Nelson, $470,000.

Terra Maria Way, 3015-Sean Zhang and Fei Zhu to Edward P. Belschner and Rasa Zutautaite, $602,000.

Underoak Dr., 3602-Christopher G. and Cara L. Steib to Adam W. Schafer and Melissa Daggett, $550,000.

Whitworth Way, 10081-John G. and Marilyn G. Grosskopf to Andrew D. and Sharon M. Sartor, $536,175.


Bridget Way, 6214-Beazer Homes Corp. to Vijay and Rashmi Bhusari, $910,935.

Fleets Of Time Ct., 5902, No. A4-43-David Teng Zan Chang and Ellen Meijung Wang to Rajeev and Neetu Gupta, $499,900.

Radiant Gleam Way, 6512-Diane M. and Michael N. Desmarais to James P. and Sandra L. Hanson, $825,000.

Victorious Song Lane, 6312-Bromley Wharton and Leslie Anne Lowe to Betty Ireri and Oscar Valenzuela, $607,500.


Agail Pl., 6156-Jonathan T. Cox to Stephanie R. Lebelle, $329,000.

Brush Run, 9275-Douglas A. Herro to Alexander B. and Elizabeth C. Everett, $400,000.

Cradlerock Farm Ct., 7025-Stephanie Lynn Bevill and Ricardo J. Solis Aldrett to Lydiah M. Mutumbi, $345,000.

Dry Barley Lane, 6414-Vijayan Kappiyoor and Jyothy Agnisarman to Nicholas E. Millan and Jefreena Packianathan, $567,000.

Fairmead Lane, 6449-James E. and Elisa C. Wolfe to Sean W. and Joy M. Yen, $415,000.

Four Foot Trail, 6417-Terry A. and Barbara Laster to Scott Fredo and Kemberly Scott, $555,000.

Harp String, 7162-Jason Mastropaolo and Carlos Aguilar to Bianca Ibeth and Emilda S. Ruano Paredes, $339,900.

Marsh Hawk Way, 5483-Shane S. and Jennifer Runyon to Mario Gennaro and Gisella De Rosa, $445,000.

Nightshade Ct., 5320-Bruce E. and Robin L. Seitz to Edward and Meghan Marsh, $515,000.

Peace Chimes Ct., 7152-Brian Ro and Hye Rim Lee to Damarys Rios Vargas and Kenneth Quiles Melendez, $275,000.

Scarecrow Ct., 5160-Patricia A. Holloway to Robert H. and Emily Freter, $375,000.

Stevens Forest Rd., 6137-Tuncay and Turgay Unsal to Justina Del Carmen, $375,000.

Tamar Dr., 5909, No. 8-Janet L. Nicholas to Jateen Taylor and Priyanki Amroliwala, $105,000.

Tricross Dr., 5601-Margaret Wise Shrove and Charles E. Wise to Natalina Maria and John Tahey Beamer, $460,000.

Whiteacre Rd., 9635, No. C2-Li Chen to Tianhong Ge and Shanmu Hu, $128,500.

Yellowrose Ct., 5786-David and Paula Hovan to Hoe and Eric Lee, $290,000.


Barcan Cir., 10377-Claire F. Ferron Adams to Ba Mei Xie, $255,000.

Columbia Rd., 4912, No. 4-Kelly Marian Ford and Lori Dawn Moxley to Miriam E. Mahowald, $177,000.

Darting Bird Lane, 5151-Michael C. and Denise M. Valdez to Adam J. Noyce and Sarah C. Matheny, $486,000.

Durham Rd. W., 5090-Christopher Thomas James Button and Mah Doreen Chi to Salman Shamsi, $550,000.

Great Drum Cir., 6501-James S. and Hillary A. Janis to Andrew Jeffrey and Alexander Davis Weiss, $680,000.

Gulfstream Row, 5633-Department of Veterans Affairs to Simon Lourenco, $243,500.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5687, No. D-U. S. Bank National Association to David L. Sames and Wilfredo Montanez Vazquez, $167,000.

Hilltop Lane, 10941-Chegnlin Gan and Yimei Lin to Peter and Jillian Deluca, $470,000.

Liquid Laughter Lane, 6417-James T. Yeung and Jenny Li to Richard F. and Karen E. Coyle, $562,000.

Morning Time Lane, 6369-Sandra L. and James P. Hanson to Steven A. and Summer R. Hecht, $535,000.

Running Brook Rd. W., 5129-Ethel B. Hill to Christine and Cheyenne Nurse, $435,000.

Spring Pools Lane, 10144-Barry and Suzanne P. Silber to Richard A. and Christine W. Booth, $575,000.

The Bridle Path, 5451-Shane R. and Kellie C. Dean to Ernest Stalder, $369,000.

Walnut Grove, 6558-Roland and Donna C. Walters to Marvin Whilby and Amleset Kidane, $460,000.

Winterlong Way, 11801-Douglas Christopher and Stephanie Jane Behel to Peter M. and Mollie M.P. Grossman, $565,000.


Holly Crest Lane, 13808-Jay J. and Cynthia A. Cincotta to Brett P. and Melissa B. Harton, $750,000.


Coriander Pl., 7752-L & M Property Corp. to Toan H. Nguyen and Anushree N. Parikh, $394,900.

Ducketts Lane, 6748, No. 33-5-Karen E. and Kevin A. Flynn to Dounia Zed Bounoua, $225,101.

Hunt Hill Dr., 5859, No. 12-05-K. Mammen and Molly Daniel to Hun Yul and Young Mee Park, $223,000.

Lyndsey Way, 7228-Michael and Amy Hinman to Dorathy Robert and Benjamin Robert Govinda Krishan, $424,000.

Mayfield Ave., 7705-Zechang Liu and Jie Fan to Laura Ann and Jonathan David Ehrhart, $306,000.

Park Forest Cir., 6509-Pavan and Amita Johar to Chin Hyun and Nam Sun Pak, $529,000.

Sage Ave., 7826-Wing Ho Tong and Shuang Han to Gregory Barr, $400,000.

Wimbledon Ct., 6311-Craig B. Kent to Mohit Nishit Dave and Finona Page Tomlinson, $295,000.


Autumn Harvest, 8505-Todd D. and Michelle P. Palmer to Amrish and Jigishaben Patel, $538,000.

Bramhope Lane, 4914-Clement A. and Kelly Maurer Holthaus to Tanique O. Richards, $630,000.

Clydesdale Ct., 4664-Douglas L. and Sarah M. Willey to Rachel and Kevin McDermott, $485,000.

Dawson Manor Dr., 8906-Hyunseok Kang and Seon Young Min to Stephen Abraham, $452,000.

Enoch Pratt Dr., 8615-Narasimhan Kannan and Gayatri Vasudevan to Kiran Kumar and Bhargavi Pabbisetty, $470,000.

Flagstone Ct., 7825-Jonathan J. and Kimberly G. Cykman to Erika A. and Kelly Rooney Benchoff, $625,000.

Glen Willow Way, 5976-NVR Inc. to Aimee and Robert D. Bates, $641,303.

Governor Run, 8305-Steven R. and Deborah R. Baisel to Peter Joseph Murphy and Yolanda Salamanca Leon, $700,000.

Kensington Gdns., 2540, No. 205-David M. and Patricia A. Elder to Elizabeth Peddicord, $283,000.

Mayfair Cir., 7814-Peter L. McGettrick to Tanesha Lashaye Moody, $250,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8381, No. K-Daniel J. and Angela L. Mooney to Carol S. and Gregory K. Edwards, $190,000.

Oak West Dr., 3365-Tao Lin and Quin Zhang to Brian Bun and Joanna W. Leung, $360,000.

Roberts Rd., 8441-Joyce East and Alvin B. Palmer to Wennie Hsu, $660,000.

Sonia Trail, 3375, No. 27-Daniel Chung Hoon Ro and Sophia Eun Ro to Zhichao Zheng and Jia Su, $420,000.

Stony Creek Lane, 7616, No. A-Melodie L. Hunter to Varsha Prabhu, $245,000.

Trail View Dr., 8623, No. 208-Diana Ballew Frizzel to Young Zheng and Xiao Ling Wang, $480,000.

Vineyard Springs Way, 2455-NVR Inc. to Manohar R. Chinthakunta and Alwa S. Reddy, $715,210.

Willow Lane, 2835-Leeda P. and Thomas E. Hopper to Jenny S. Jean, $479,900.


Iager Blvd., 11509-Streetscape at ML Corp. to Kavita Pasumarthy, $1.07 million.

Martha Way, 11149-NVR Inc. to Daniel and Sophia Ro, $978,946.


Pioneer Cir., 14208-Jacquelyn M. and Richard Henry Malette to and Brian J. Flavin, $545,000.


Hunt Valley Dr., 2948-Todd W. and Elizabeth A. Bacon to Joseph R. and Misty D. White, $1.69 million.


Adcock Lane, 6101-Tommy L. Merriman and Cheryle Edmondson to Jose A. Somoza, $450,000.

Crowley St., 7547, No. B-US Home Corporation to Mehmet Elmaci, $297,000.

Patuxent Quarter Rd., 6319-Larry Jason Hartman to Michelle Adamczyk, $420,000.

Starwort Way, 7005, No. A-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Nathaniel Nana Kojo Taylor, $442,000.


Highland Rd., 13220-Hillary J. and Marvin W. Chester to Cesar J. Visurraga, $465,000.


Joshua Grayson Dr., 7201-Lisa R. Panergo \and Joselito G. Ladines to Adeyemi Serrano and Oluwabunmi Akintonde, $365,000.

Willowwood Way, 8816-Federal National Mortgage Association to Zeshawn and Shamsa Khan and Mohammad Yasin, $280,000.


Carlinda Ave., 6522-Thomas Michael and Judith F. Bruner to Jennifer N. Turnbull, $445,000.

Eden Brook Dr., 7367, No. D23-Brian Whitmore to Battina Miller, $320,000.

Hingston Downs, 9628-Mark E. and Jennifer M. Sassaman to Brian J. Rochester, $247,500.

Oakhurst Dr., 9532-Kristan M. Heaton to Richard P. Lafortune, $303,000.

Red Apple Lane, 9517-Bobby R. and Caren H. Mitchell to Dana and Mark Vanbemmel, $520,000.

Seneca Dr., 6617-Patricia Overly and Patricia Lyerly to Patricia and Zorelle A. Robinson, $403,000.

Strawturkey Ct., 6710-Christopher F. and Katherine M. Gleason to Simone Yun Houng, $426,000.


Sophia Chase Dr., 2410-Richard F. and Karen E. Coyle to Christopher and Kathleen Mannino, $521,100.


Woodbine Crossing Rd., 702-Catonsvile Homes Corp. to Heather K. and Jason A. Gotcher, $699,900.


Canterbury Riding, 9504, No. 234-Candid Builders and Investors Corp. to Jatinder Singh, $180,000.

Evermore Ct., 8801-Sara E. Torres and Michael J. Paddgett to Sang Keun and Sunmi Lee, $310,000.

Gross Ave., 9230-Sean M. and Megan R. Wheeler to Brandon Michael Meadows, $320,000.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8490, No. F-Joseph E. and Carol Gross to Soon Ja Kim, $270,000.

Kendal Cir., 9319-Carol A. Morgan to Darin Anthony and Gilvera Bunayog Walker, $350,000.

Knowledge Dr., 9748-M.I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to June Jackson, $514,380.

Lilac Park Dr., 9117, No. 9-Cheryl Zagorski and estate of Eleanor Kostic to Karen Carter Parks and Charlotte A. Carter, $225,000.

Peace Springs Rdg., 9710-Beazer Homes Corp. to Charles Daniel and Elinda G. Klein, $599,937.

Rock Ripple Lane, 9378-Michael Ames Billard and Catherine Marie Hartman to Jinmin Zhou and Han Jin, $438,000.

Spring Branch Ct., 8215-J. Eric and Marcia L. Moore to Victor O. and Ifeoma Osuchukwu, $575,000.

Tymat Ct., 9123-Epaphrodite and Allison Uwimana to Janet A. Akinsulie, $280,000.


Pipes Lane, 13391-John Daniel Collins Jr. to Leslie W. and Jennifer C. Irish, $579,000.


Cattail Woods Lane, 1717-Sheridan A. and Dennis B. Moore to Gregory D. and Michelle D. Moore, $600,000.

Hayloft Ct., 3221-James W. Cummings to Joseph Kaufmann and Christiana M. Kaufman, $520,000.


Harrow Dr., 2105-Kristen S. and Seung Soo Yang to Ashok K. and Suman Sahu, $515,000.

Troon Overlook, 2150, No. H-Steven Feldman to Christopher and Norma Lynn Richardson, $261,000.

Wetherburn Rd., 10387-Sanjay Ravathatha to Mohit and Shalini Anand, $775,000.